“Samrat Exclusive 2024 Madhyamik Suggestions BOOKS” Reviews

Who is Samrat Exclusive

Samrat Exclusive is a popular and successful YouTube channel. Providing free awesome education to all students.

His real name is Sudipta Shikder popularly known as Samrat Exclusive.

He was born in a small village called Thakurnagar and his father was a very low-class family associated with agriculture.

When he was in high school, he was ranked third every year, earning him the reputation of being the teacher of all teachers.

But unfortunately, when he passed the higher secondary examination he faced a danger.

As he found that he had come back in one of the subjects. This one back turned everything in his life.

Then he once again passed the 12th class and got admitted to Bongaon College to develop himself in the unknown and new identity. (Samrat Exclusive 2024 Madhyamik)

He started working hard with honours in Bengali, he had to face many obstacles even to go to college

The time is at the end of December 2016. There are many questions in the minds of the students about how the secondary exam questions will be.

At that time, he guided the students from his experience and made a video about how the exam questions can be written.

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"Samrat Exclusive 2024 Madhyamik Suggestions BOOKS" Reviews
“Samrat Exclusive 2024 Madhyamik Suggestions BOOKS” Reviews

So, Why should We buy this Book?

The Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book 2024 is a thorough study manual for West Bengal students getting ready for their HS or Madhyamik exams.

A variety of topics are covered in the book, including Bengali, English, mathematics, and science.

The book is written by experienced educators. and updated frequently to guarantee that the content is current. The excellent practice questions are made to gauge how well you comprehend the main ideas.

For students looking for a thorough and practical study guide, The Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book 2024 is a great resource.

Practice problems are an excellent tool to test your knowledge and determine which areas require more practice.

The main purpose of buying this book is not to get common but to write the exam because this book gives detailed information about how many times a question can be reversed.

He has kept the quality of the answers in this book so good that if you write the answers in this book,

you can easily get the highest marks in the exam In the notebook of Bazarchhariti, you will see a pile of answers, in the current short book, you will see a very nominal answer.

All the answers in this book are written To The Point, not to mention the common ones you will get after reading it, you can write it in any exam.

They maintain the quality of every book which is the biggest quality of Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Books

Sudipto sir says that he can’t say what percentage common you can get by practicing this book but,

he can confidently say that by practicing this book you won’t get uncommon no matter what question comes in the exam.

He also said that if no question comes from this book then no question will come from any other book in West Bengal guaranteed.

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Where and when Samrat Exclusive 2024 Madhyamik is available?

The Samrat exclusive suggestion book will be published on Friday 28th July.

The book will be available from Friday 28th from College Street and the original Moulik library’s own sales center.

No matter where you live, just look for the nearest bookstore in West Bengal to get this book.

But it may take two to five days, but you can get this book in your hands by the 5th of August through the store.

And those who want to buy online will be happy to know that books are now available on Flipkart and Amazon.

If you order, you will receive the book from Amazon within 5-6 days

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Price of the Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book 2024

The Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book 2024’s (MP) cost varies according to the combo’s subject and the number of books.

However, a set of six books (MP) would likely cost you approximately 900. The book is available for purchase from online merchants like Amazon and Flipkart.

Some of the costs for the Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book 2024 are listed below:

Madhyamik Suggestion (Bengali Version) 2024 Samrat Exclusive Combo 7 BOOKS: ₹850


Samrat Exclusive BENGALI ENGLISH TOW BOOKS COMBO Suggestions HS 2023: ₹399

Samrat Exclusive HS ARTS Suggestions 2023 6BOOKS COMBO(HIS.POL.EDU.PHI,SANK,GEO) : ₹690

2024’s best-selling Samrat exclusive suggestion book

The Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book 2024 is a bestseller in the following categories, according to Amazon:

  • Madhyamik Suggestion Books 2024
  • HS Suggestion Books 2023 (coming soon 2024)
  • Bengali Books (Madhyamik 2024 )
  • English Books (Madhyamik 2024 )
  • Math Books (Madhyamik 2024 )
  • Science Books (Madhyamik 2024

Download for free the Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book 2024

Downloading copyrighted content without authorization is prohibited. Consequently, it cannot be downloaded for free.

I suggest that you get the Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book 2024 if you are serious about your academics. You should use the book as a helpful study aid to help you prepare for your tests and improve your academics.

“Samrat Exclusive 2024 Madhyamik Suggestions BOOKS” Reviews

Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book 2024, Released for All Madhyamik Exams 2024 Today.

We are going to tell you all the details of the Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book for Madhyamik 2024.

Where can you get it? and when will you get it? We will discuss here today, what is the price? where will you get more discounts? and what is included in this book?

Like every year, this year too, a very selling number one Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book has been published by the Moulik library.

The number one and best-selling book of West Bengal.

if you want to know the opinions of teachers and students in different parts of Bengal, then you will understand why this book is called number one.

And if you look at the rating of e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon then these sites give this book a best seller tag every year.

It is given every other context but this time what is in this book or what is not in this book.

Multiple New Questions Answers Every book is not only about one book we are discussing every book here.

There is a separate book for each subject, not that one thick book will have answers to all the questions of the subject.

We have a different book and each book has completely different questions answered you can buy whatever you need.

In addition to the questions from different years of each book and model questions from the given high school,

This book also answers questions from various high schools dominating Ramakrishna Mission and various reputed expensive school districts.

Every year this Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book is published, this book is very common in Madhyamik and Higher Madhyamik exams.

Another important topic is Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book were Bengali and English book for school students and can read Madrasa board students can also read this book.

A question is always going around in the mind of your students, every year in secondary and higher secondary there is 100 percent common in this book. But what percentage of common will come this year?

As a teacher, Sudipta Shikder sir will never say why our book will get 100 percent common. Nor does he make any predictions

He again wants to tell the students to get good results not only by reading suggested books but also

By reading suggestion books along with textbooks and writing and writing it can be done then no one can stop the key to success in an exam.

Some of the Pros and Cons of the Samrat Exclusive Suggestion Book 2024:


  • A comprehensive examination of all topics.
  • Complete study guides and drill questions.
  • current information.
  • written by experienced educators.


  • Can be expensive
  • Some of the practice questions can be challenging

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